Chapter 1647

Kobayashi Pharma had multiple production bases in Japan. Its headquarters was located in Tokyo. Aside from Tokyo, there were also several Kobayashi Pharma’s production bases located in several other cities, including Yokohama, Osaka, and Nagoya. In addition, some time ago, Kobayashi Pharma had also invested a large sum of money to establish and build up Asia’s largest biopharmaceutical production base in Osaka. Aside from finalizing and completing the Kobayashi Pharma share transfer agreement on his trip to Japan this time, Charlie was also bringing Liam from Weaver Pharmaceuticals with him along on this trip to inspect all of these production bases. Liam was now the general manager of The Apothecary Pharmaceutical and he was also the specific person-in-charge of The Apothecary Pharmaceutical. After Charlie takes over the Kobayashi Pharma, Liam would also be the person-in-charge responsible for the management of the entire production line and bases of the Kobayashi Pharmaceutical f

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