Chapter 1646

Albert nodded immediately before he said, “No problem, Master Wade! I will do everything according to your instructions!” Charlie nodded in satisfaction before he told Isaac, “Isaac, Albert will be coming with us, there is also Paul from Smith Group Corporate Law and Ichiro from the Kobayashi family. Please ask the crew to make the necessary preparations.” “Okay, Young Master! I will make all the arrangements then!” At this time, both the brothers, Ichiro and Jiro, had also recorded their own confession videos. Charlie looked at the both of them before he said lightly, “Ichiro, make sure that you rest well today. Albert will bring you to the airport with him tomorrow. However, let me warn you in advance that you should be extremely careful along the way. Don’t think you are going back to your own territory just because you are going back to Japan. If you dare to disobey me or go against my words, then I definitely will not let you off just like that!” Ichiro nodded repeatedly as

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