Chapter 1627

At that moment, Tanaka’s attention was completely placed on the fashionable and somewhat flirtatious woman who was beside him. That was why he did not notice Charlie who was in the store. Since the two spoke the Oskian dialect, Charlie speculated that the female companion had to be from Oskia. After the two of them walked into the shop, the woman dragged Tanaka around the shop to look around. Immediately after, she pointed at the Hermes limited edition handbag that Charlie has already selected for his wife and said flirtatiously, “Tanaka, I want this bag!” Tanaka replied embarrassingly, “My dear, we’ve come all the way to Eastcliff to look for a world-renowned doctor for the eldest lady. We aren’t here to shop! It’s bad enough that we failed to meet the doctor… I really have no idea how I’m supposed to go back to face the family…If you really want to do some shopping, then could you please wait till we return to Japan first? I will take you to Tokyo and you can shop all you like th

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