Chapter 1626

The salesperson frowned and said, “Sir, the price of this bag is $580,000.” Charlie hummed and said, “No problem, I want it.” The salesperson then replied, “Excuse me sir, if you want to purchase this bag, you’ll have to purchase items of a similar amount also known as accompanying purchase” Charlie was surprised by the statement and asked. “What do you mean to purchase items of a similar amount? Can’t I just buy this bag directly?” The salesperson smiled contemptuously as she replied. “Sir, is this your first time purchasing a Hermes bag? Have you bought anything from Hermes previously?” Charlie shook his head. “No, may I know what the problem is?” The salesperson hummed, “A lot of Hermes bags aren’t something you can purchase that easily. Just because you want to purchase it doesn’t mean that you can get it directly. You can pick, choose, and buy anything you like but those only apply for the general merchandise and basic model bags which are below $300,000. Anything above that

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