Chapter 1602

When she saw that Charlie had already returned, Quinn stood up happily as she ran toward Charlie in a few steps. She grinned as she said, “Brother Charlie, why are you back so early? I thought that you would not be back until evening!” When Charlie felt Quinn holding tightly onto his arm with her hands, he could not help but feel a little restless and unsettled. However, he did not dare to have any crooked or strange thoughts. So, he said, “I was just attending a birthday banquet. I came home as soon as it ended.” As he spoke, Charlie asked her, “Uncle and Aunt are not home?” “Yes.” Quinn replied softly, “My dad has already gone to the company, and my mom has gone to attend a charity event. There will be a charity auction and wine party after the charity event. They will not be having dinner at home tonight.” Charlie nodded. He knew that Rachel also had a very reputable and prestigious status. She was also considered one of the top-ranking figures in Eastcliff. After her husband ha

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