Chapter 1601

As Charlie was seated in Wrigley’s car on the way to the Golding family villa, he received a phone call from Loreen. “Charlie, I have already booked the flight tickets for both of us to return to Aurous Hill. It will be at nine o’clock in the morning tomorrow, okay?” “Okay.” Charlie replied, “How much is the flight ticket? I will pay you back.” Loreen complained, “It’s just a flight ticket. Do you really have to pay me back for it? Aren’t you being too polite with me?” Charlie said seriously, “You paid for my flight ticket, so how can I not pay you back for it?” Loreen snorted as she retorted, “Then, you have already saved my life several times now. How can I not repay you? When will Mr. Wade give me a chance to marry him in order to express my gratitude, then?” Charlie was speechless, and he could only say helplessly, “Alright, then. I will not be so polite with you about the flight ticket in that case. See you at the airport tomorrow morning.” Loreen replied, “Make sure you g

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