Chapter 1595

As soon as he heard that he would have to carry cement at a construction site, Dylan immediately shook his head frantically! In comparison, he would only be enduring a little suffering and grievances if he were to live in a shanty town with a living expenses of one thousand dollars a month. If he were to go to a construction site to carry cement, then he would probably have to suffer a lot and go through a lot of hardships at the construction site then. So, he nodded immediately without thinking. “Mr. Wade, I accept all of your conditions and I won’t bargain with you anymore! Just please don’t send me to the construction site…” Charlie was very satisfied and he said coldly, “Make sure that you change and undergo a proper reformation after you arrive in Aurous Hill. Don’t cause any more trouble all day long. If you continue staying in Eastcliff, then a cynical rich heir like you might eventually cause an even greater disaster one day. You might even implicate and get the Thomas and K

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