Chapter 1594

The most painful thing would just be the arduous bicycle ride from Eastcliff to Aurous Hill. However, it was still acceptable. Cycling for half a month was better compared to lying in bed for half a month after his surgery. Besides that, he had really suffered a lot of grievances during the last operation. Moreover, he had not even recovered fully yet. If he were to undergo the same operation again soon, then his pain would definitely be doubled. At this time, Charlie said, “I asked you to go to Aurous Hill to undergo a reformation and change. Do you think that I’m asking you to go to Aurous Hill to enjoy life there? Let me tell you something. You’ll only be allowed to ride the most basic Phoenix 28 bicycle and nothing else! Otherwise, I’ll make sure that you ride to Aurous Hill with a cart full of bricks then!” “In addition, after arriving in Aurous Hill, aside from the time you spend driving Loreen around, you will rent a single room in the shantytown, Cliffcouls. Your monthly li

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