Chapter 1541

As he did not dare to cause any delay to their plans to seize power at the board of directors meeting tomorrow, Adrian decided that no matter what it was, he had to endure this tonight. At the same time, he immediately offered a lot of money to the dean of the hospital to look for some top experts specializing in the related field from the United States. He wanted to see if they could come over and try to see if they could cure them using any medical means and methods. It would be best if they could do so. Then, there would be no need for them to ask for that young lad’s help. They could just kill him! If they could not do so… That would be a little tricky. In order to ensure the continuation of their descendants, he might even be willing to kneel down in front of that young lad and beg for mercy! Adrian felt very uncomfortable when he thought about Charlie’s arrogant face. Rogan asked in a low voice, “Second Brother, do you think that the young lad will be attending the board of

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