Chapter 1540

Among these, men would get most points deducted if they had an illegitimate child outside. In a big family marriage, both men and women from these wealthy and prestigious families have all been spoiled by their parents since young. Which young lady would be willing to marry someone who has an illegitimate child and become a stepmother? That would be impossible. Even when Quinn met Charlie again, she attached great importance to this matter. How could she be willing to be a stepmother at such a young age when she was the young lady of a big and prestigious family? As Adrian wanted his son to maintain his competitiveness, he had also been repeatedly warning him that he was allowed to fool around outside, but he should never have any children outside. At that time, he never would have thought that his son would lose his fertility one day! This was great now. He was not only infertile and his sperm survival rate was zero, but he also got rid of his illegitimate child. Wouldn’t this me

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