Chapter 1528

Therefore, he must help Yule solve the problem, and only then could he leave Eastcliff and return to Aurous.    Seeing that Yule agreed to his request, he sighed with relief, picked up the wine glass and exclaimed, “Come, Charlie. Let’s have a toast!”    Charlie nodded and clinked glasses with him again.    Seeing the two men drinking happily, Rachel told Quinn in a low voice, “Your dad hasn’t been this happy for a long while.”   Quinn also nodded and replied near her mother’s ear, “It seems that ever since Uncle Wade had an accident till now, he had never been this happy.”    Rachel held her daughter’s hand under the table and softly uttered, “Charlie is a good man. You must keep hold of him!”    Feeling shy and embarrassed, Quinn answered, “Mum…How do I keep hold of him…Charlie is already married and he isn’t divorced yet at this moment.”    Rachel replied seriously, “Silly child. He was your fiancé since you were a child. Someone snatched your husband away, not the ot

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