Chapter 1527

Hearing Yule’s question about the Rejuvenating Pill, he smiled and answered, “Uncle, this medicine is called the Rejuvenating Pill. I daren’t say that it’s a real elixir, but I can certainly say that it’s half-magical. It was refined by genius ancient Oskian doctors. I had also obtained it by chance.” Yule did not doubt him and said, “This medicine is too magical. It really doesn’t look like something from this world. The feeling when I took the medicine just now was dream-like! It seems there are indeed many things from our ancestors that we can’t understand!”   Charlie nodded in agreement.   Although he did not know who had written the Apocalyptic Book, based on the age of the Yuchun bottle, it should have been made during the Tang Dynasty.    The bottle did not have any traces of later cuttings. In other words, the wooden box where the Apocalyptic Book was originally stored could have been placed in advance when making the mud before the Tang Dynasty craftsman made the Yuchun

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