Chapter 1515

Warlord and Realm Master, who was kneeling on the floor, quickly crawled to the side, not daring to protest. As for Adrian and Rogan, they were startled and panicked when they heard that Charlie wanted to have a good chat with them. They didn’t expect that there would be such a malefic devil in their eldest brother’s house. Based on their understanding, they knew that Yule had nothing more than a few house guards in his house who were quite strong but not as powerful as the two bodyguards they had brought. The two men could easily defeat Yule’s house guards in no time. However, never did they expect that there was such an extraordinarily powerful and dominant young man in Yule’s house. It was as if he owned the same strength as Zeus. As Charlie approached them in a domineering manner, they immediately took a step back frightfully. Adrian asked, scared, “What…what do you want to do?” “Me?” Charlie smiled. “You’ve been so cocky and pompous since you came in the door, now it’s my t

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