Chapter 1514

“Oh.” Charlie nodded in acknowledgment and said with a smile, “Hello, Realm Master, nice to meet you. Your title is pretty awesome. By the way, I have a title too; it was given to me by the people in my city. I wonder whose title is more awesome, yours or mine?” Realm Master queried, “What’s your title?” Charlie smiled faintly. “The True Dragon.” Realm Master’s expression shifted upon hearing it. The True Dragon? What the hell! Wasn’t it a little too much and pompous? Charlie didn’t bother to continue the argument. He applied some forces into his hand again and said with a blank face, “You’ll live if you kneel and you’ll die if you don’t. You only have three seconds to consider your options.” Realm Master was frightened as he felt the increasing forces clutching at his throat. He shrieked out of fear, “Alright! I’ll do it! I’ll kneel!” Charlie glared at the so-called Warlord and asked, “What about you, Brother Warlord? Kneel, or not?” “Yes! I’ll kneel too!” Warlord also real

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