Chapter 1510

At this moment, a young man who was slightly older and calmer than Wilhelm spoke up. “Brother, this is the Golding family’s affairs, so please do not interfere.” The one who spoke was Wrigley Golding, Adrian’s son, as well as the eldest male member of Lord Golding’s grandchildren. As Quinn was a female, Wrigley was considered the eldest grandchild of the family. Charlie looked at Wrigley and said flatly, “If you have something to say, talk nicely. Don’t act like a boss just because you have more people on your side and come barking in other people’s houses like a bunch of rabid dogs. The Golding family is regarded as a respectable family in Eastcliff, so please control yourself when you’re outside. Don’t let others think that you’re uneducated and uncivilized!” “You…” Upon hearing that, Wilhelm gritted his teeth furiously and wanted to pounce on Charlie. Wrigley stopped him in time. Then, he looked at Charlie with his cold eyes and said to Adrian beside him, “Dad, let’s cut the

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