Chapter 1509

Although Adrian and Rogan had seen Charlie when they entered the house, all of them ignored his existence. The main targets of their visit today were Yule, Rachel, and Quinn, so they literally treated Charlie and the servants as if they were invisible. Unexpectedly, this young man would dare to call them out and even use the word b*stard on them. They were cheesed off with him instantly. In reality, the Golding family ranked the third in Eastcliff in terms of their wealth with a net worth in the trillions, with only the Wade family and the Schulz family above them. Even though Adrian and Rogan had obtained only 25% of the Golding family assets respectively, they were still regarded as the top billionaire in the city that triumphed those who were ranked in the world’s wealthiest men’s list. They could not accept a young man who had come out of nowhere to shout expletives at them, so Adrian pointed at Charlie furiously and shouted, “Kid, do you know who I am? How dare you talk to me

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