Chapter 1507

Following Rachel’s furious roar, the man with a contemptuous face who seemed to be the leader of the group said coldly, “Rachel, this is my big brother’s house. Do I need to get your permission before coming to his house?” Rachel said with a sullen expression, “Adrian, I’m your brother’s wife, which means half of this house is mine. If you barge in without my permission, this is called forcible trespassing!” Adrian curled his lips into a smirk. He sized Rachel up and said with a scowl, “Oh, Rachel, do you still know that you and my brother are husband and wife? Have you fulfilled your duty as a wife though?” Yule raised to his feet with some effort and reprimanded, “Adrian, how could you talk to your sister-in-law like that? ‘The wife of the eldest brother should be respected as a mother,’ don’t you know that?” “Come again?” Adrian sneered contemptuously. “Brother, don’t forget that she’s an outsider in the Golding family after all. Besides, as the daughter-in-law of the eldest son

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