Chapter 1506

Rachel and Yule were both shocked. Did Charlie just say that he could completely heal Yule’s illness? How…how was that possible? The family had traveled all around the world for a long time to find the best experts and use the best drugs, medical equipment, and treatments for his illness, but none of them could stop Yule’s condition from rapid deterioration. Steve Jobs, Apple’s founder, was also a billionaire who suffered from pancreatic cancer. He received the best treatment in the United States but in the end, he had succumbed to his illness as well. None of the world’s experts believed that there was a chance of recovery for Yule’s cancer. In fact, the vast majority of them believed that he probably had less than a year or probably six months left to live. When Charlie suddenly said that he could cure Yule, it sounded nothing but a fantasy to them. Rachel sighed and said in a serious tone, “Charlie, I know that you must be very concerned about your Uncle Golding, but his cond

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