Chapter 1499

After the plane landed, Charlie and Loreen got off the plane together. As Charlie did not have any luggage checked in, he did not have to wait to pick up his luggage. However, since Loreen was a big beauty after all, she usually brought a lot of clothes, cosmetics, and skin care products with her when she travels. Since it would be extremely easy for cosmetics and skin care products to exceed the weight capacity, Loreen had no choice but to check in her luggage. After getting off the plane, she could not leave the airport directly like Charlie. She had to go to the baggage claim area to wait for her luggage. So, Loreen hurriedly asked Charlie, “Charlie, how do you plan to leave later?” Charlie replied, “I will go out and grab a cab.” Loreen hurriedly said, “Then, why don’t you wait for me instead and we can leave together then? It so happens that my family will be driving her to pick me up. I can drop you off at your destination later.” Charlie smiled before he waved his hand an

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