Chapter 1498

As he thought about Quinn’s father, Yule’s deteriorating health, he asked, “Is Uncle Golding’s condition any better?” “He isn’t doing so well…” Quinn replied in a low voice. “He isn’t doing so well. The doctor has recommended for him to be hospitalized again. However, my dad refuses to go there. I think my dad is a little depressed and low-spirited. Perhaps he has already resigned to his fate and he doesn’t want to suffer anymore. He has always felt that he has no dignity at all when he is undergoing various treatments in the hospital…You might not understand his character very well. However, my mother says that he is exactly like your father and his own biological brothers. They’re all very stubborn and they refuse to take anyone’s advice…” Charlie knew that many powerful and respectable figures usually had less desire to survive when they were terminally ill and dying. This was mainly because they had been living such respectable and dignified lives for so many years. So, they val

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