Chapter 1475

When Charlie heard Quinn saying that Yule’s physical condition did not seem very optimistic, he hurriedly asked her, “Nana, what’s wrong with Uncle Golding’s health?” Quinn replied sadly, “It’s still related to his pancreatic cancer. It seemed as though his condition had already stabilized a little when he returned from abroad. However, in the past few days, there have been signs that his pancreatic cancer is still spreading. The doctors at the hospital in Eastcliff are already working hard to treat him. They’ve already treated him using radiotherapy and chemotherapy, as well as targeted drug treatment. However, the effect of the treatments is very mediocre…” Having said this, Quinn could not help but choke up and said, “Brother Charlie, the doctor has already told me to be mentally prepared for the worst scenario. If there’s nothing else that they can do, then my father might only be able to live for another three to four months…” Charlie hurriedly comforted her, “Nana, you don’t h

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