Chapter 1474

At this time, Aurora nodded repeatedly. Her tears kept falling as she firmly and excitedly said, “I am willing!” Mr. Luca said with satisfaction, “That’s really great news. I will communicate with the people at Eastcliff about the related work arrangements. As soon as the training for the national team is issued, I will personally go to your house to inform you about it. I believe that with your strength and abilities, you’ll definitely be able to successfully win a gold medal in the Olympic Games!” After Mr. Luca left, the father and daughter from the Quinton family cried together at the lounge backstage. Graham was very pleased. This was because the fact that Aurora won the international championship today was already a great achievement which has already brought glory to their family. Unexpectedly, his daughter would also be given the opportunity to be selected to join the national team to participate in the next Olympic Games. Graham cried for a long time before he finally wipe

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