Chapter 146

Early the next morning, Charlie prepared to attend the auction. Jacob could not sleep well the previous night because he was so worried about the matter related to the Quinton family. Therefore, he continued nagging at Charlie in the living room. At this time, Charlie asked Jacob, “Dad, I heard about the special treasure that will be up for auction at the Treasure Pavilion today. Am I right?” “Yes,” Jacob replied immediately. “I’ve heard that it’s a valuable treasure that is unparalleled in this world.” After he was done speaking, Jacob suddenly thought of something. After that, he quickly pulled Charlie aside before he said, “My dear son-in-law, please don’t get any ideas about this treasure. The starting price for this treasure is ten million dollars! We should just take a look at the treasure from afar.” Charlie knew that his father-in-law was simply worried that he would be using the Quinton family’s money for his own purposes. Therefore, he smiled before he replied, “Dad, don

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