Chapter 145

Graham arrived at Charlie’s house early the next morning. He waited outside Charlie’s house until Charlie finally stepped out of the house as he headed to the market to buy some vegetables. After that, Graham greeted him before he handed his black card over to Charlie. At this time, Graham told Charlie that there were more than a few hundred million dollars in the black card. It seemed as though Graham was really willing to spend all of his fortune to save the Quinton family. Aurora had accompanied Graham but this time, she was not as arrogant and haughty as she had previously been. In fact, she was very respectful towards Charlie. Ever since Adam got into trouble, the Quinton family had encountered a lot of strange and unpredictable events. Her grandfather had also fallen ill and his body was deteriorating for no reason at all. Aurora knew that Charlie was the only one who would be able to save her family! After handing the black card over to Charlie, Graham knelt down in front

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