Chapter 1467

However, Nanako could no longer support herself and stand up again because of her current physical condition. She was struggling because of the pain, and she had a very pained and unwilling expression on her face as the referee continued counting down at the side. Nanako persisted several times, but she could not stand up at all. It was only until the moment the referee had finished counting down to the last second and officially blew the whistle to signify the official end of the match that it seemed as though Nanako’s strength had already been completely depleted. She collapsed completely as she lay down on the ring. At this time, deafening cheers erupted from the crowd. This was because they knew that Aurora had already won the final match, and she was the champion of the International University Combat and Fighting Championship. The referee also raised Aurora’s arm high at this time as he said loudly, “Now, I declare that the champion of the International University Combat and

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