Chapter 1466

Aurora threw two punches in succession, but Nanako managed to successfully avoid both of the punches. At this time, Nanako saw an excellent opportunity. She immediately squatted down as she aimed her attacks at the front of Aurora’s body. At the same time, her left hand was placed in front of her injured right hand. After that, she joined forces on both hands to attack Aurora’s waist. The Oskian audience who were all present at the scene exclaimed out loud, one after the other. In their opinion, Aurora was about to be overwhelmed by the other party’s successful counter-attack once again. At this very moment, Aurora prepared her left palm as she bent her arm and rolled her right arm into a fist. After that, she used her left palm to push her right fist forward, giving her right elbow a huge momentum, as she quickly attacked Nanako’s chest with her right elbow! Aurora’s attack was filled with both extreme strength and speed! She had great power in her right arm alone, but she not onl

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