Chapter 1450

So, Nanako hurriedly told the boss, “Boss, please give me another cup of milk tea.” The boss replied, “Miss, we are about to close our shop now. Our employee has also gotten off work. I am so sorry but we cannot make another cup of milk tea for you now.” “Okay.” Nanako nodded helplessly. At this time, she saw Charlie walking toward the right side of the gate of the first-grade Thompson First villa community. So, she hurriedly held her cup of milk tea in her hand as she ran after him. Charlie thought that Nanako had already left. So, he planned to head toward the pharmacy to buy a box of liver supplement tablets for his father-in-law. When he arrived at the entrance of the pharmacy, he discovered a huge poster hanging at the entrance of the pharmacy. It was a poster of Quinn, who was beautiful and unparalleled, as she held the Apothecary Stomach Pill in her hand. There was also a slogan which Quinn had personally written herself: “New Oskian medication, new domestic product. I trus

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