Chapter 1449

When Charlie came out of the villa community, he could not see Nanako anywhere anymore. He looked around a few times, but Nanako was nowhere to be found. Charlie could not help but feel a little puzzled and bewildered. He knew that his observations were not wrong. Although that girl had been wearing a mask over her face, he was certain that it was Nanako. Since she had come all the way to the villa at Thompson First, she must have come here to look for him. So, why did she suddenly disappear, then? As he thought about this, Charlie could not help but sigh. He really could not figure out what was going on in this Japanese girl’s mind. Meanwhile, Nanako was hiding in a milk tea shop as she looked at Charlie from a distance. When she saw the lost and despondent look on Charlie’s face, she felt a strange and peculiar feeling somewhere deep within her heart. She had indeed come here to look for Charlie tonight. The final match was about to happen, and she knew very well that it would

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