Chapter 1446

Charlie stretched out his right hand to cover half of his face because he truly did not know how to respond to his stupid father-in-law anymore. At this time, Jacob answered the call, and he said casually, “Hello, Claire. I am already with Charlie, and we are on our way home now.” Suddenly, he heard Claire’s angry voice sounding from the backseat, “Dad! You truly disappoint me!” Jacob yelped in shock. As he was not holding his cell phone firmly, it slipped from his hand and fell into the gap. He did not even bother picking up his cell phone. Instead, he simply turned around as he stared at Claire in horror. “Cla… Claire?! You… why are you in the car too?!” Claire asked in a huff, “Why can’t I be in the car? If I was not in the car, I would never have known that you were cheating on Mom behind her back!” Jacob felt very aggrieved, and he blurted out, “Oh! Claire, don’t talk nonsense. When did I ever cheat on your mom?!” Claire replied, “You and Aunt Hall are already at the point

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