Chapter 1445

Jacob thought that he and Charlie were the only two people in the car. Charlie was not only his son-in-law, but he was also the person he trusted the most. Therefore, he was not guarded against Charlie at all. He was also not afraid that Charlie would find out about the things that were going on between him and Matilda. At this moment, as he was unpacking the gift, Jacob sighed as he said, “Oh, my dear son-in-law, do you know how popular your Aunt Hall is at the Senior University? Those who are interested in her range from young people between the age of thirty to forty years old, to old men between the age of sixty to seventy years old. It is simply a huge number, and I cannot count the number of people who like her at all! If I don’t pay more attention to it, I am afraid that the situation will end badly for me, then.” Charlie laughed awkwardly as he tried to change the subject by saying, “Dad, you must have drunk quite a bit during dinner tonight, right? Why don’t you stop talkin

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