Chapter 1421

Frankly speaking, Elaine didn’t want to be a lickspittle to Charlie, but she was currently in a very awkward position. She no longer had the financial power of the family. She was almost penniless. Even the luxurious Thompson First villa was under Charlie’s name, which had nothing to do with her. More importantly, since she had lost more than 2 million in the mahjong scam that Hannah had set up, she knew that her status in the family had dropped significantly. Even Jacob, who had always been shouted at and bullied by her, had turned against her and even beat her up. Under such circumstances, she knew that she did not have the luxury to be arrogant and cocky like she used to be. Thus, Elaine knew that, for now, she could only behave with her tail between her legs, and tried to get on Charlie’s good side. She would be doomed if even Charlie turned against her one day and kicked her out of the house. Moreover, Charlie was even willing to help her ask about the expensive cosmetics. Of

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