Chapter 1420

Claire leaned in and whispered to Charlie, “What’s wrong with Mom? Why is she in the kitchen cooking?” Charlie laughed and said, “Mom said she wanted me to try her cooking. She said she’s making tomato and egg with noodles.” Claire exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, my mom actually took the initiative to cook. Wonders never cease! I guess she does learn her mistakes and try to correct them.” However, Charlie did not share the same opinion. Instead, he felt that this so-called free breakfast was not free. After all, Elaine had to be up to something that she needed his favor for, otherwise, based on her character, she would never have taken the initiative to cook. Sure enough, at the dining table, as Elaine personally served the noodles for Charlie, she smiled coyly and said, “My dear son-in-law, I have a favor to ask you. I wonder if you will be okay with it?” Charlie replied, “Mom, please say whatever you want. I won’t refuse if it is something reasonable and also within my ability.” El

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