Chapter 1418

Hence, Jacob hastily conceded and said, “You! Can you please stop solving everything by making a scene?” Elaine chided in a cold voice, “Well, you said it yourself that you’re in charge of the family now, and I don’t have the right anymore. If I don’t make a scene, what can I do to establish my status in this family?” Jacob voluntarily backed down and said, “Okay, fine, I misspoke. You have the right to dominate the family. Are you happy now?” A triumphant grin appeared on Elaine’s face as she said, “Now that you say so, I must exercise my right and power. Jacob, tell me the truth. How much money do you have right now? Did you go behind my back and make some money by reselling the antiquities?” Jacob said with a grimace of exasperation, “I’m making sh*t! That’s what I’m making! Oh my goodness, frankly, I don’t have a f*cking penny in my pocket now! There’s no way to generate income from the Painting and Calligraphy Association! Previously, I was able to make some money by reselling

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