Chapter 1417

The next day. Quinn’s flight was scheduled to take off at eight-thirty in the morning, whereas the semifinal of the combat and fighting competition would start at ten. Hence, Charlie decided to see Quinn off at the airport first and then head to the stadium to watch Aurora’s match. Early in the morning, Charlie went to Jacob and said, “Dad, will you use your car in the morning? Lend it to me if you don’t, I have something to do in the morning.” Jacob smiled sheepishly and said, “I’m going to give a talk on the antique and cultural appraisal in the morning at the Senior University on behalf of the Calligraphy and Painting Association.” With that, Jacob cast a glance at Charlie which indicated a “you know what I mean” hint. Charlie was instantly enlightened. Jacob must have met with Matilda during the activity collaboration between the university and his association, and he wanted to take this chance to meet Matilda more often before Elaine suspected anything. Thus, Charlie could

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