Chapter 1407

In a luxurious Mercedes-Benz sedan, Jiro was behind the wheels with the quiet Nanako by his side as they left the hospital. As soon as he drove the car out of the hospital gates, Nanako couldn’t help but ask, “Kobayashi-san, who exactly is this miracle doctor you mentioned? Could you please tell me now?” Jiro nodded. “Nanako-san, the doctor’s name is Anthony Simmons. He is a renowned doctor in traditional Chinese medicine throughout Oskia. He was the one who cured the paraplegic patient some time ago, the kind of disability that was judged to be impossible to cure in medical history.” Nanako had always been very healthy and fit, so she had never paid attention to what was going on in the medical world, and certainly, she knew nothing about Anthony. However, she was intrigued as soon as Jiro mentioned him, and her heart suddenly swelled with great anticipation. Hence, she hurriedly pursued, “Kobayashi-san, may I ask where I can meet this miracle doctor?” Jiro lamented with a sigh,

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