Chapter 1406

While Charlie was treating Quinn, Nanako had just watched her mentor, Kazuki, fall asleep with her own eyes. She turned wearily to Hiroshi and said, “Tanaka-san, please stay here and take care of my master for me. I must get some rest. Otherwise, it’s unlikely that I will make it to the semifinals, let alone defeat Aurora.” For Nanako, although Kazuki strongly advised her to go and worship Charlie as her master, she was not prepared to do so. In her opinion, her mentor was injured to this extent by Charlie with a single palm strike. No matter who was right or wrong in this matter, she couldn’t abandon her mentor at this moment and go to worship Charlie as her master. Moreover, deep down inside, she felt that Charlie would most likely not take her as his disciple, mainly because Charlie was wealthy, and he strongly despised the Japanese. She didn’t know what kind of leverage she had to impress him. Therefore, she had decided to fight this match to the best of her ability, and then,

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