Chapter 1395

Claire could not believe it, and she never would have dreamt that the stunning beauty in front of her was her favorite female celebrity, Quinn Golding! Quinn could be said to be the hottest and most popular female celebrity in Oskia, and she was also one of the most influential female celebrities. Even many celebrities were her fans, and they would often openly express their love and affection for her on their social media accounts. This was mainly because Quinn was not only beautiful, but she also had very excellent conditions. Most importantly, she had very good acting skills, and she was also very confident in front of the camera. In fact, this had a lot to do with the aristocratic temperament that she had already cultivated since her childhood. She was even more popular with her fans because of her cold and arrogant personality. She did not have the bad personality and characteristics that other top celebrities had, and she would never follow in the bad examples of the other art

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