Chapter 1394

As he was still feeling a little awkward, Quinn stared at him angrily before she blurted out, “Isaac Cameron! Did you already know that Brother Charlie was in Aurous Hill?” “Ahh? Well… this…” Isaac did not know how to answer Quinn’s sudden question, and he could only stammer and mumble without coming up with any reason at all. Quinn gritted her white teeth angrily as she said, “You are truly a very unreliable person! I have already asked you about the whereabouts of Brother Charlie so many times, but you have never once told me the truth!” Isaac replied a little embarrassedly, “Miss Golding, you have really misunderstood me. I also found out that the young master was in Aurous Hill not too long ago. I have already been in Aurous Hill on behalf of the Wade family for such a long time, and I have never heard of it before.” Dorothy asked in surprise, “What the hell?! Quinn, are you saying that this Charlie Wade is the Brother Charlie that you have been looking for all this while?” Qu

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