Chapter 138

The crowd suddenly made way to form a passage in the middle, a man and a woman slowly walked into the hall. The woman wore a black evening dress that hugged her perfect and slender figure. Under the bright illumination, she was utterly beautiful and elegant, every move she made, even her walking posture, was exceptionally gracious. The woman was so beautiful that Harold couldn’t remove his gaze off of her. Jasmine walked into the venue, scanned around, saw two empty seats in the VIP section in the front row, and asked, “Where are my two VIP guests? Have they not arrived yet?” Finn Baxendale looked through the guest’s information and frowned. “Miss Moore, the scanner from the entrance indicated that the invitation cards of the two VIPs have been verified, they must have entered our hall, but we don’t know where they are right now.” Then, he ordered his staff, “Call the manager to see me.” Soon, the manager sprinted to them and asked, “Mr. Baxendale, what’s the matter?” Finn poin

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