Chapter 137

Harold was fast, but Charlie was faster. He avoided the grab and in a swift action, he clasped Harold’s wrist, shook it slightly, and sneered. “What? Is the injury on your hand healed? Pain is forgotten where gain follows huh?” Harold suddenly felt an enormous force surging into his body. He took two steps backward, feeling furious and shocked at the same time. This loser’s strength was quite powerful! Knowing that he was out of Charlie’s league, Harold growled coldly, “Damn it, you wait here, I’ll get the manager and kick you out!” Then, Harold turned his head and shouted for the manager to come. Soon, a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes walked quickly, with two security guards tagging along. The man managed a diplomatic smile on his face and said to Harold respectfully, “Yes, Mr. Wilson, how can I help you?” “Manager, check their invitation.” Harold pointed disdainfully at Charlie. “I suspect that theirs are fake.” For privacy and security reasons, the guest’s name

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