Chapter 1377

Quinn was puzzled. She felt that her father had been spending so much time looking for Charlie throughout all these years. Moreover, he had even had trouble sleeping and eating because he could not find Charlie at all. He had always felt very guilty deep down in his heart. Now that she had finally met Charlie by chance, she naturally wanted to tell her father about the good news. This would also be a form of relief to her father after so many years. So, she hurriedly asked, “Brother Charlie, why can’t I tell anyone else that I saw you?” Charlie sighed softly before he said, “Well, no matter what happened, it has already been more than ten years. At the very least, I am living very happily and peacefully in Aurous Hill now. Hence, I do not want to provoke anyone in Eastcliff now.” Quinn replied emotionally, “Brother Charlie, you are the young master of the Wade family! Why would you choose to remain at a place like Aurous Hill? If you choose to return to Eastcliff, wouldn’t you inh

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