Chapter 1376

Quinn replied indignantly, “Aurous Hill had always been the focus of my father’s investigation. My dad had also made several trips here. He used all of his connections and relationships to investigate and look into the background of all the boys in Aurous Hill who were about the same age as you. He even checked and investigated this matter several times. My father had already checked every rescue station, orphanage, and private welfare organization in Oskia to look for you, but there was absolutely no information about you anywhere at all!” “That’s impossible!” Charlie blurted out, “I’ve been living at the Aurous Hill Welfare Institute for ten years, ever since I was eight until the day I turned eighteen. Moreover, I have not changed my name ever since the day I entered the orphanage. My parents named me Charlie Wade, and all the personal information that I filled out in the orphanage was also under the name Charlie Wade. If Uncle Golding made a trip here, he would definitely have fou

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