Chapter 1357

“Trash?” After hearing those words, Charlie’s face lit up with a playful smile. It seems like this Mr. Yamamoto was too arrogant. He might have overestimated his own strength. A trashy external disciple like him, even with top-notch physical training, would not be able to defeat Charlie. It was alright to dislike Charlie due to difference in opinion but to expect that he didn’t even have any sportsmanship was actually quite bewildering. To rub salt into the wound, he had even brought up the fact that Oskian people were prone to weakness. That had really gotten Charlie’s blood boiling. Therefore, Charlie smiled and replied. “Since you’re willing to bet, Mr. Yamamoto, then why don’t we raise the stakes?” Mr. Yamamoto snorted, “Sure! No matter the bet, I’ll play along till the end.” To Mr. Yamamoto, no matter how strong Charlie may look, he had no chance of defeating him in combat with a single punch. Therefore, he was willing to place the bet, as no matter how severe, he was assur

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