Chapter 1356

After speaking his mind, he turned to Ito Nanako who was wearing a shocked expression. Joyfully, he spoke, “Miss Ito, your bone structure and meridians are good. Judging from our Oskian martial arts point of view, your conception and governing vessels have been partially activated. If you’re able to activate it completely, then you are able to become a disciple of the inner circle.” “Your conception and governing vessels?!” Ms. Ito asked in astonishment. “Is that the ancient Oskian martial art lore’s meridian points? Plus, what’s a disciple of the inner circle?!” Charlie spoke with a more serious tone, “Martial art myths originated from the traditional martial arts. Just like the concept of meridians, those aren’t made up myths but are verified facts from the medical journals of Oskia which were found to be thousands of years old.” “As for disciples of the inner circle, how do I put it? Let me put it this way. With your current training, you won’t be able to achieve anything near th

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