Chapter 1352

Kazuki said to Nanako, “Nanako, I believe that you’ll be able to knock out your opponent directly in the first round of this match. Therefore, I won’t be going to your ring to guide you anymore.” Nanako asked curiously, “Master, are you going to watch Aurora’s match?” “Yes.” Kazuki replied, “I am going to see how powerful her coach is that he is able to destroy that Hanson Zavier in one blow. If he’s really talented, he’ll definitely pose a huge threat to us in the future. Besides that, I also want to see if Aurora Quinton has made any progress at all under his guidance.” Jiro hurriedly came over as he said with a serious expression on his face, “Mr. Yamamoto, please go ahead. I’ll definitely accompany Miss Ito until she is done with her match!” Kazuki simply shook his head helplessly. In fact, he also disliked Jiro. He felt that a man like him who was so physically weak and powerless was not worthy of his outstanding disciple. Moreover, he could not help but feel a strong dislike

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