Chapter 1351

Nanako frowned slightly when she saw Jiro coming in. Ever since she had lunch with Jiro the last time, Jiro had been coming to harass her repetitively. This really annoyed Nanako. In fact, when Nanako had eaten lunch with him that day, she had deliberately stated that one of the most important things that she would be considering when choosing a spouse was for the other party to be stronger than herself. This was so that Jiro would just retreat. However, Jiro seemed to have instinctively filtered out her words. What was even more exaggerated was the fact that this man actually checked out of his room at Shangri-La just to move into Aurous International Hotel. He even moved into the room directly across Nanako’s and this made Nanako feel very dissatisfied. Moreover, Nanako felt even more depressed because her father, Yahiko, kept asking her to be more friendly toward Jiro. She felt a lot of antipathy in her heart but she could not get angry or drive him away at all. He was just li

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