Chapter 1291

Zell knew that he would definitely not be able to afford to provoke Isaac. Hence, he could only give in and choose to compromise at this moment. It was truly difficult for him to accept the fact that he would be marrying his daughter off to Turk. However, he felt that instead of angering Isaac and making his whole family suffer, he could only choose to sacrifice his own daughter’s interest in exchange for the safety and well-being of their entire family. When Isaac saw that Zell had finally agreed to Charlie’s proposal, he snorted coldly before he said, “You should have just agreed to Master Wade’s proposal instead of talking so much nonsense, right?” Zell could only nod his head repeatedly as he said, “Chairman Cameron, you are right. I will not speak any more nonsense in the future. Please allow me to retain my membership…” Isaac ignored him before he turned around to look at Charlie and asked respectfully, “Master Wade, what do you think of this?” Charlie smiled slightly befor

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