Chapter 1290

Zell glanced at Isaac before he glanced at Charlie. Only then did he finally realize that Charlie was actually extremely capable! Even Isaac was being so respectful toward Charlie. Hadn’t he barked up the wrong tree this time?! At this time, Isaac turned around and looked at Zell before he said coldly, “You really want to disobey and go against Master Wade’s words, right? If that is the case, I will just ask for all of your supermarket chains, your properties, your cars, and your bank and stock accounts to be sealed indefinitely! I will make sure that your family is left with nothing at all, and all of you will have to go out and beg on the streets for food in the future!” When Zell heard this, he panicked and said to Charlie, “Master Wade! Master Wade, I was wrong! A magnanimous and great man like you should not remember the offenses committed by someone as lowly as me. I beg you, please do not hold it against me.” Charlie smiled before he said, “I never intended to hold anything

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