Chapter 1268

When Magnolia heard Lilian’s words, tears started flowing down her cheeks immediately. When Draco saw his fiancée getting reprimanded and humiliated by his own mother, he could not tolerate it any longer. Therefore, he hurriedly said, “Mom! Magnolia and I will be spending the rest of our lives together after we get married. We don’t care about anything else as long as the both of us can live well and happily together. So, you shouldn’t mind it too much too. It isn’t early anymore. Can we just prepare to proceed with the wedding now?” “No way!” Lilian looked at Magnolia with disgust before she said contemptuously, “I can’t get over the anger I’m feeling right now. Ever since I got married to your father, I’ve never suffered such a huge grievance in my life. Her family is obviously the one benefitting and climbing up the social ladder after she marries you. So, why does it seem as though we’re the one who would be benefiting from this marriage instead? Your father and I have already be

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