Chapter 1267

Lilian was a typical egoist. No matter what it was, she would only consider one thing, and that was whether it would bring any benefit to herself at all. If anyone could bring any benefits to herself, even if it was a garbage collector on the side of the road, she would welcome him with a smile on her face and a welcoming gesture. However, if the other party would not be able to bring any benefits to her at all, she would not be bothered to give him face, even if he was the president of the United States. So, even if Charlie and his wife were both driving top luxury cars that were worth more than one hundred million dollars to marry Magnolia off, this did not change Lilian’s opinion of Magnolia at all. She knew that giving face was a very superficial thing and that only benefits that could be physically obtained were real. So, what if Magnolia had a very wealthy and powerful friend? Would she be able to get him to even give them a single cent of his money? Would she be able to ta

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